Benefits & Risks of Enterprise 2.0

Hello everyone!! It’s the time of the week when I post something informative and interesting! YES! You got it right! It is about Enterprise 2.0 πŸ˜€ ! If you do not know what Enterprise 2.0 is, please read my previous post on Enterprise 2.0. Today, I will be talking to you about the benefits and risks of Enterprise 2.0. I will be elaborating more on the benefits rather than the risks, because I believe the benefits triumphs the risks, and that risks can ALWAYS be managed. It is just the matter of how well it is managed!

Benefit vs Risk

The benefits of Enterprise 2.0:

When something is beneficial, you can almost always count on people exploiting it, using it, popularising it; it becomes an innovation, a trend and soon, an expectation. To help you understand this model, let’s think of a list of Web 2.0 innovative tool that was introduced not too long ago, transitioned to a trend and now an expectation.

Have you seen this video on You Tube??

You Tube

Innovative video-sharing website that allows users to upload, share and view videos, some external applications allow the download of these videos…

You Tube was created in 2005, and has since become a trend. There are many websites similar to You Tube such as,,,, It is true that the lay out, design and model of You Tube plays a big role in the success, but it is also the CONTENT (videos that go viral!) that makes You Tube a great success of the modern world.

It is an expectation that people know what You Tube is. Friends and family share their videos and other people’s videos on You Tube for laughter. You Tube is used for educational purposes too. Universities are using You Tube clips in lectures to teach students, companies and organizations are using You Tube to promote and advertise products, and millions of users are using You Tube as their digital voice box, creating a digital presence and foot-print all over the world. Finally, You Tube is currently the biggest video-sharing website, and the creators of You Tube know this, and they expect users to come to their website. So now, they have introduced advertisements in videos! Hurray! Soon that TOO will become an expectation, new users will never even know the difference!

Information is shared amongst all platforms

There are many more Web 2.0 Tools like You Tube. First an innovation, a trend, and an expectation. For instance, Face Book, Twitter, Blogging ( and many others. The whole idea of Web 2.0 tool is ability of being able to communicate. In a broader sense, to connect; to connect with everyone who are close to us, friends and fans on the other side of the Earth. Communication is important; the most important strategy in War is to establish secure communication with base; in Alien movies that we see so often, the first thing they do is establish communication with their home planet. In our modern society, connecting has never been easier. Face Book, Twitter, You Tube, Google, Word press, and the list goes on; almost EVERYTHING is connected. You Tube has just released a new feature called FreeTwitTube. It is a feature that allows people to view real time comments on videos being viewed by users. The famous television show Big Brother allows real time twitter messages appearing on screen about what viewers think about the people on the show. Like I said, connecting has never been ever so easy in the history of man kind, and the brilliant thing is, every Web 2.0 tool is like a piece of a puzzle; they all fit together somehow.

What does this mean?

It means that if you don’t have the appropriate Web 2.0 Tools set up in an organization, you will have a major reduction in four areas: Productivity, efficiency, knowledge, and reputation. There are a few interesting success stories on having Web 2.0 tools in an organization. I’ve picked out a few ones that stood out for me.

1. Mcdonald’s senior exceutive created a blog where employees could directly communicate with him and receive real-time feedback. It is unclear about how much the blog was monitored for naughty comments, but this idea changed much of what you experience in Mcdonalds and what you see on the menu [more…]

2. Blogger Jacob Morgan listed 50 case studies and examples of organizations and groups using E 2.0 tools, the list is frequently updated. The list includes medical associations, Federal Government, institutions and universities implementing E 2.0 tools. Please do have a look at this link as it contains EXCELLENT resources and gives a very broad view of the applications of E 2.0 tools. [more…]




With every benefit, there are always risks. In normal scenarios, the higher the risk, the higher the return; a key principle in gambling and other situations. With Web 2.0 tools, the risks can be reduced significantly; risks such as resources, security, loss of control, reputation, reliability and productivity. How an organization is impacted by implementing Web 2.0 tools ultimately boils down to how they utilize the resources.



Again, all comments are welcome! Follow me for my next post the following week! Thank you for your comments in advance πŸ˜€



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10 Responses to Benefits & Risks of Enterprise 2.0

  1. adamhijazi says:

    Nice blog.

    I agree with what you say about something that is hugely successful (like enterprise 2.0 and the implementation thereof) getting exploited. In your opinion what is the best way to deter exploitation? Would you condone policing ?
    Adam (

    • calvinpang0831 says:

      Hi Adam,

      Thanks! This is an exploitation that we do want and it drives our economy and technological age up! I don’t condone policing on using Web 2.0 tools, but how it is used would definitely require policing.

      Hope that answers your question


  2. Edwina says:

    Hi Calvin,

    Great job. Like the way you express on the importance of having web2.0 within the organization.

  3. Vatsal INB346 2.0 says:

    Hello Calvin, that was one big blog post πŸ˜› but a very informative one. I couldn’t agree anymore with ‘count on people exploiting it, using it, popularising it; it becomes an innovation, a trend and soon, an expectation’ I mean obviously once you see it getting done or it happening, you ALWAYS expect it and that’s just human nature at its best. You have also mentioned some great Web 2.0 tools but keep an eye out for Pixlr : – a basic photo editing tool and – an interactive online presentation tool which can come handy for students, teachers and anyone in the workforce. Keep up the good blogging.

    Also feel free to read/comment my blog at

    • calvinpang0831 says:

      Thanks for the comment V, I will definitely check out the links tonight, and shall stalk your blog too tonight :p


  4. David Taylor says:

    Hi Calvin

    Do you have any examples where a company set off on an Enterprise 2.0 adventure expecting lots of benefits but in the end experienced failure?

    There was another McDonalds story about them usin a twitter hash tag for people to talk about Happy Meals, but it was soon over taken by people talking about their horror stories.

  5. almaarri says:

    hi my friend
    nice blog and its has a good information

    good luck

    check my post about Benefits & Risks of Enterprise 2.0

  6. Marayka says:

    Hi Calvin,
    Great Blog!! I definitely agree that communication is very important and Web 2.0 tools makes things so much easier! It is true that with every benefit, there are risks and if those risks are not fully understood, it can be very dangerous and it is very easy to slip up. I have a couple of examples on my blog if you wanted to check it out πŸ™‚

  7. eddier86 says:

    Great analysis of how to effectively implement Enterprise 2.0

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