You can never be too careful!

HEY EVERYONE! I’m sorry for posting this blog so late, but I’ll make it informative, short and interesting! Okay! So last time I spoke about the benefits and the risks of social media tools, this time I will be narrowing it down to the benefits and risks of organizations implementing social media tools. To further narrow it down, I will talk about a well known retailer called the good guys and their down fall with social media tools.




The Good Guys discount warehouses are a chain of  consumer electronics retail stores in Australia and New Zealand. Their business model is similar to other retailers such as Jb-Hifi, Harvey Norman and Clive Peters. The Good Guys uses Web 2.0 tools to promote the business and advertise upcoming sales specials.  In 2011, there was a case of an unfair dismissal of an employee at the good guys regarding the use of social media tools after business hours. To read the full case, follow this link (because I like to keep it simple and short! :D)


After reading the link, I’m sure you all understand the complications as an organization for not implementing a social media policy (SMP). To simply put, social media tools in a work place blurs the line between work and play. Without an effective SMP, organizations can find themselves in a very bad position. Let’s take this case for example, the court found the good guys in favour, however the organization suffered a negative reputation. This is exactly why organizations must have a clear social media policy. Every organization is different, therefore every SMP must also be tailored for each organization. For instance, IBM, Telstra and other major information technology industries have similar SMP’s but local pharmacies store may have completely different SMP’s.


I keep stressing the fact that in business, there are benefits and risks. Implementing SMPs in organizations is to mitigate risk. Why is it that universities require students in teams to write, sign and submit a team contract. It’s the same concept here! One thing to be cautious about is that social media is relatively new, and it will subject to further dramatic changes over the years. In saying that, organizations must also constantly update their SMP to remain protected by the risks and the law.



Thanks for reading my post, let me know if you’ve got any questions or opinions you’d like to share!




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7 Responses to You can never be too careful!

  1. thomasphan7 says:

    Hi, i liked how you talked about how for university assignments where students in teams to write, sign and submit a team contract where they are acknowledging that it is there work, as for organisations are starting to input the SMP to keep a good reputation, after reading the case the good guys did not have a clear policy at that time so that employee only breached the Good Guys’ workplace policies on communication with colleagues, sexual harassment and bullying which didn’t affect’s their reputation as much but if they had a proper SMP im sure it would have hit them hard.

  2. zenghoong says:

    Hey Calvin, really agree with you that social media blurs the line between work and play. Without an effective SMP, organizations are really asking for trouble aren’t they! Would love to see you talk with further details on what a SMP should address and what are the legal risks of social media. Will look out for your future posts. 🙂

    • calvinpang0831 says:

      Hi Zenghong,

      thank you for your post, in my next post I will be discussing the return on investment regarding web 2.0 tools, hope to see you drop by!

  3. Alyse O'Shea says:

    Hey Calvin!
    Great blog, clear and concise!

    I think there is a fine line between work and play. It is a tad ridiculous to fire someone solely for how to use social media in their spare time – but on the other hand I think it’s really important for business to have employees who model their business vision. Therefore, do you think it’s also important to be able to see how employees act outside of the business because they could be connected to the business?

    Would love feedback on my blog,
    – Alyse

  4. Hi Calvin,
    Excellent post, I agree with you social media policy will protect companies, and even if the Good Guys won in that case, they should have clear SMP. It was interesting what Deputy President Swan said “the separation between home and work is now less pronounced than it once used to be”, and I think I agree with this state.

  5. eddier86 says:

    Great post Calvin, drawing comparisons with other types of contracts and policies show that social media is effectively a necessity that requires regulated use.

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