Brisbane Airport – Game Changing Plan

Hi everyone! Welcome to my week 8 blog! In my previous blog I spoke about return on investment, and stressed the fact that ROI is not always just about measuring the monetary return, it is also important to look at what’s hidden underneath! Fear not my fellow bloggers, I am not going to talk about return on investment again! In this week’s blog I would like to talk about an organization, the Brisbane and Sydney Airport, and how social media tools can help the organization to overcome a few of the most troublesome challenges.

The organization: Brisbane and Sydney Airport

In case some of you don’t know, an airport is basically a location where aircraft take off and land, and people are actually inside these planes. The Brisbane Airport is actually the third busiest in Australia, following Sydney and Melbourne being the busiest. Like many organizations that faces challenges, the airport is no different. With an organization like an airport, it requires many professionals and skilled personnels to run, and these people are usually in different departments or sectors. An airport is not just simply aircraft flying in and out, it also includes the following:

  • Air traffic control via command tower
  • Restaurants, foods and other services
  • Shops
  • Security patrol
  • Staff on land and flight attendant
  • Pilots
  • Air freight companies
  • Luggage and baggage handling
  • Parking (temporary or long term)
  • Public transport management, taxi and parking services and management (including shuttle services)
  • Fuel services and management
  • Ground patrol and security

In a busy airport, an estimated of 2400 flights take off and land everyday. This means there are approximately over 300,000 people move through the airport, and my guess is some of them will require the services mentioned above. With an organization  with different departments and providing many splendid services, what really are the top 10 challenges an airport organization face? Here it is, you think it you’ll get it, click ‘here‘ to view.

Airport in 2040?

So how can web 2.0 tools help organizations such as this one to overcome the problems mentioned above, such as luggage and baggage handling, or even parking, public transport management, and locating restaurants, foods and other services. A possible solution could be implementing an ‘Application’ integrated with mobile phone devices. This application will have many different services, such as tracking your own luggage, locating restaurants, service stations and gate number, and also monitor parking expenses. Implementing this application will increase customer satisfaction and experience, and it’s a very good way to exploit web 2.0 tools to make the airport organization a much ‘smarter’ place to be in. Theoretical physicist Dr Michio Kaku predicted that by 2040, the world we live in will be highly technologically revolutionized, buildings will greet us and will know when we enter a building, and commercial structures like airports might even be able to assist our needs before we even realize them. What will our future become, what will the airport look like in 2040? One thing that won’t change is, technology will continue to improve and change the way we live and think, making an airport more efficient through the use of technology is just a tiny step that will lead our children to a greater future.

Thanks for reading my blog guys! Feel free to comment~ and I’ll get back to you, and also drop by your blog and I’ll come take a look too!




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