Last blog, I shall miss you all

Hey everyone. This is week 10’s blog for Enterprise 2.0 and thank you for reading my blog and going through this mini blogging adventure with me. This week I will be talking about social media. In particular, I will discuss how organizations can implement social media strategies to promote their brand. It is true that many organizations are beginning to use social media to connect with their customers, but what is the right way to do it and how should they approach this double edged sword task?

Abraham Lincoln once said “If I had 8 hours to chop a tree down, I would spend 6 hours sharpening my ax”. This means, planning is IMPORTANT!

The beginning:

Everything has a beginning, and organizations using social media to establish a two way communication with its customers also have a beginning. An organization doesn’t just create a fan page on Face Book or suddenly create a two way communication. In the beginning, an employee of the organization proposes to use social media such as Face Book or some other social media tools. This is the easy part, anyone could easily create a Face Book profile, but how can organizations attract their customers to subscribe or to stay tuned to what they have to say? This blog will discuss how organizations can implement social media strategies to achieve their objectives and goals. The objectives and goals for most organizations are to connect with its customers through technology (in this case social media).

How can organizations engage with its customers and best leverage the use of social media technology? We discussed that social media technology is a double edged sword, meaning that social media can not only bring positive reputation and customer satisfaction, it can also do exactly the opposite exponentially.

Ways to leverage social media technology:

  1. Develop a plan – I’m sure you’ve all heard the term ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This is quite true, I actually learnt that in a unit called Project Management. If an organization has no plan to engage with its customers than it is simply fail, and should be included in failblog.
  2. Be Social – Social media technology is a powerful tool, and it is the first word of the powerful term is ‘social’, therefore it is obvious and instinctive for organizations to be social when using web 2.0 tools. Ironically, this is not the case! Organizations should first consider how to interact and communicate with its customers and people. There are some organizations out there who have done such a wonderful job with this, such as Starbucks, and KCI Airport. One reason why organizations find it hard to be social is because they also try to be professional, authentic and relevant. Being social and professional is about the right mix of ingredient of humor, knowledge, authenticity, trust, entertainment, and being real to the brand.
  3. Being simple – This means having a Face Book or Twitter account that is simple and easy to remember. For instance, if you are creating a Twitter account for Mcdonalds, it is not advised to have a Twitter account name called Mackers4life. Simply McDonalds is superb.
  4. Make it fun – Some smarter organizations have used a larger range of social media and web 2.0 tools to promote their business through many strategies. A typical strategy to make it fun would be to promote special promotions for a limited time or limited edition collectibles. A slightly advanced strategy is the use of viral videos on You Tube. If you are unaware of the power of social media and how it works, here is a link to a video explaining how videos go viral that I highly recommend. Here.
  5. Have a primary communication platform – Many organizations are realizing the potential of social media technology and web 2.0 tools. Of course organizations don’t want to fall behind, they want to engage with as many customers and its people as possible through different tools such as Face Book and Twitter. However, it is almost important to have a uniform approach in communicating with the organizations customers and people. It is advised that organizations should use only one dominant social media tool for the majority of communication. This may sound like you’re missing out because you’re only using one tool, but it’s not the case. Twitter and Face Book can actually be linked, therefore messages posted on Face Book can also be seen on Twitter users.
  6. Profile photo – It is not advised for organizations to use a glamorous photo of the manager as the profile photo. The profile photo for the organization should be the organizational brand itself.

This is the last blog for Enterprise 2.0 and I wish you all the best with the last assignment. Please feel free to comment and leave your blog web address in your comments below and I will definitely get back to you! Thank you!


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12 Responses to Last blog, I shall miss you all

  1. Keith Gray says:

    I think the make it fun is one of the key steps to attracting a larger audience and keep them coming back. Most people i know love linking motivational\demotiviational posters and other funny pictures. By having content that will entertain your audience they are more likely to stay involved and even attracting their friends and friends of friends.

    You have provided a great group of tactics to improving ones Social Network. I’ve listed 4 things on my blog that the Brisbane airport could do to have fun with commuters while they wait for their flights, can you think of anything else that could be added to this list?

    • calvinpang0831 says:

      Hi Keith,

      Thank you for your comment, and I have read your blog and commented, it too was a great post. I have a few suggestions to add to the list, these include special promotions for products and events, or even limited edition collectibles. Also include coupons and discounts for products and services, as well as promoting other complements products or services. Lastly I would like to add special events such as the airport’s birthday, and even events with themes.


  2. spendrick says:

    Hey Calvin great post I think that keeping it fun defiantly is one of the key factors to social media keeping employee’s engaged is a key factor. Also being simple with a companies social media account is another aspect, having a crude Facebook or Twitter account could jeopardize the company’s reputation.

    • calvinpang0831 says:

      Hi Ben,

      Thanks for dropping by and giving some feedback. I was interested by what you said about having a facebook or twitter account could jeopoardize the company’s reputation, how do you mean ?


  3. To be honest, your blogs are actually quite entertaining to read, and the way you construct them are very drawing to me as a reader.

    On a note, this key of ‘fun and enjoyable’ is something companies should use more of in social media. No one wants to read things that are boring so to advertise themselves this should be forefront, they could even use your blogs as examples.

    • calvinpang0831 says:

      Hi Saemon,

      Thank you for your constructive feedback. In the beginning of these blogs, I had some thoughts on how to best approach fellow bloggers, so I decided to dedicate my blogs to entertain, inform and educate, but mostly entertain!



  4. Hi Calvin,
    You have got a great strategies there 🙂 What I really liked is (Make it fun) strategy. Huge companies are using this strategy a lot these days to draw more attention, with no doubt social media would accelerate this process

    • calvinpang0831 says:

      Hi Ahmed,

      Thank you for your feedback. I too believe that big companies are using this strategy but they need to be smarter in how they use



  5. thomasphan7 says:

    Hi Calvin, i agree with all the other comments that FUN is the key objective not only fun but funny can also work to an advantage as we see the majority of viral videos are funny.Although organisations using social media do have to stick between the lines an example would be Brisbane airport if they decide to make a viral video that is funny they need to make caution of the content they are showing will not influence others to do it at an international airport which can lead to arrests, but aside from that the fun concept is a good way for organisations to leverage social media and online audiences.

  6. dylmichael says:

    Great blog post, very well laid out and easy to read. You’ve nailed all the key points of social media in a business organization. It seems the trend of incorporating social media in an enterprise is to have a clear plan and goal set in stone.

    Its a key factor you’ve outlined in your post about being simple and making it fun, I believe that is a very important point to outline. I think a good social media service makes the company seem down to earth and in touch with its customers.

    Social media is definitely a powerful tool for businesses, as long as its implemented properly.

  7. eddier86 says:

    Hey Calvin, great thoughts ideas you have presented here. Social networks offer to put a human face on an organization and what you have stated in your blog is basically how a corporation can make that human face well loved. That Lincoln quote is also a great metaphor for the adoption of new technology.

  8. joelmcraequt says:

    Hey Calvin, reading your blog was different and im not sure if i fell in love with your blog or your ideas. however the way you do it is amazing wow thanks for a good read.

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