Did this change your perception?

Hey everyone, I thought this was somewhat related to social media and Enterprise 2.0, and I’d like you guys to share your opinions with me. As we examined earlier, social media and enterprise 2.0 play a large role in our society, as an individual and as an organization. This is no exception, for our young and famous pop star, Rihanna. I’m sure many of us has an opinion on Rihanna, but aren’t our opinions mostly based on what the media says? What if there was someone who’s words and actions echoed much louder than hundreds of thousands of people? What if Oprah gave an opinion on Rihanna, wouldn’t that change millions of peoples perception?


Watch the video below  to see how social media and web 2.0 tools were used in this scenario:

Please feel free to share your opinions, views and comment!

Calvin 😀


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