Did this change your perception?

Hey everyone, I thought this was somewhat related to social media and Enterprise 2.0, and I’d like you guys to share your opinions with me. As we examined earlier, social media and enterprise 2.0 play a large role in our society, as an individual and as an organization. This is no exception, for our young and famous pop star, Rihanna. I’m sure many of us has an opinion on Rihanna, but aren’t our opinions mostly based on what the media says? What if there was someone who’s words and actions echoed much louder than hundreds of thousands of people? What if Oprah gave an opinion on Rihanna, wouldn’t that change millions of peoples perception?


Watch the video below  to see how social media and web 2.0 tools were used in this scenario:

Please feel free to share your opinions, views and comment!

Calvin 😀


Time to find out what Web 2.0 REALLY is!

What is Web 2.0?


The term Web 2.0 has not been around for a very long time. Although there are more than 9.5 million citations of the term Web 2.0 in Google, there is still a huge amount of disagreement about just what Web 2.0 means, with many believing it to be a meaningless marketing buzzword, and others accepting it as a new conventional wisdom. Nevertheless, time has proven Web 2.0 to be the real deal, so today’s blog post, will be exploring what Web 2.0 really is, and how it affects my personal productivity :D.


Web 1.0

In order to understand what Web 2.0 is, first you must grasp the concept of Web 1.0. When the WWW (World Wide Web) was created, users could only view webpages but could not reflect on the content of the webpages. They were basically ‘consumers’ of the content of the webpages, who were monitored and updated once in a while by the web master. There were no such things as Blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Face Book, the digital world was in its embryonic stage where functionality was extremely limited.



Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is an evolved form of the WWW, because it allows users to interact and collaborate with each other in a virtual environment through social media tools. With this functionality available, and information readily accessible by virtually anyone in the world, users are able to generate content in a virtual community. This generated content required a place to reside, this unmet need gave the birth of social media tools. Tools such as Face Book and Blogs are basically virtual tools to help us connect with one another, stay in touch with people who are like-minded and have similar views, beliefs, ethics, morals and values.

Web 1.0 is one way, authoritarian, passive, static and closed. Web 2.0 is two-way, democratic, active, dynamic, and collaborative. A simple example of a Web 2.0 website is Wikipedia, because anyone, can edit the Wikipedia contents. By now, you should have a thorough understanding of what Web 1.0 & Web 2.0 is :).


Darcy DiNucci, a consultant on electronic information design, writes:

” The Web we know now, which loads into a browser window in essentially static screenfuls, is only an embryo of the Web to come. The first glimmerings of Web 2.0 are beginning to appear, and we are just starting to see how that embryo might develop. The Web will be understood not as screenfuls of text and graphics but as a transport mechanism, the ether through which interactivity happens. It will […] appear on your computer screen, […] on your TV set […] your car dashboard […] your cell phone […] hand-held game machines […] maybe even your microwave oven. “

Personal productivity


There are over 750 million Face Book users, and I am one of them :). I use Face Book to connect with family and friends, and also for my academic work. This brilliant web 2.0 tool has helped my personal productivity with its group functionality. For example, in many university courses, I have had to work in a group. Most of the time, my group members have Face Book, and we create a group, such as “Enterprise 2.0”, where we communicate regularly and post important documents and photos up.

I’m happy to have shared a Web 2.0 tool that I find easy and effective to use, if you do not know what it is, or how to use it, please watch the video below :D:



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